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High quality Architecture in Second Life, 100% Original content.
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Pyrus Studio.

Ideal as a skybox or as a fantasy house. High Quality Architecture in Second Life!!
Because we love fantasy we created the most elegant fantasy home for you.

Pyrus Studio new 100% mesh redMint prefabs second life awesome pear studio skybox surreal architecture skybox razz to the ground fantasy house original designs

PRIM COUNT: 23-154-272 prims
DEMO: See in-world (click here to see the DEMO)


What to Expect.

⥤ a Skybox Studio – this version does not include the exterior Pear skin, but only the interior. Perfect as a skybox. (154 prims)
⥤ a Studio with Pear exterior skin – this version you can rez to the ground (272 prims)
⥤ a Pear House, land Decor – this version does not include the interior layout and can be easily resized. (23 prims)


⥤ Rezzer Control (easy to rez, rotate and move)
⥤ Zero script lag
⥤ Low texture lag


⥤ Copy, Modify, Transfer


⥤ This product is mesh and can be rescaled.
⥤ The structure is being sold as displayed in-world

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