Goody Bag @ Hair Fair 2017

(яed) Mint, Hair’17
100% Natural

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redMint’s Goody Bag – Hair Fair 2017 (July 1st-16th)

Don’t miss out redMint’s Goody Bag available only @ the Hair Fair 2017 (July 1st – 16th 2017)
⇒ Bento Fit +Animated Mesh Hair in an Exclusive Color (as seen in the picture). Please have your viewer up to date.

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Please try the Demo before any purchase.
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Style Card

Maitreya Mesh Body > used with (red)Mint Skin Applier for SkiNº.14, Ivy±Freckles
redMint’s Goody Bag available only @ Hair Fair 2017 (July 1st – 16th)
Dress > Blueberry

> TP to (r)M @ Hair Fair 2017


This hair is BENTO rig mesh.

We had The Head Size, Head Stretch, Head Length and Breast Size sliders active for a while.
Now, with BENTO rig five additional sliders are enabled: Head Shape, Egg Head, Face Shear, Forehead Angle, Bow Size. The sliders give us the flexibility needed for a better fit.

The BENTO ANIMATED version makes it look like the hair is gently moved by the wind.
⇒ The bento animated hair uses the hind BENTO bones.
⇒ The hair will not work as intended if any other items using the same bones are attached to the avatar.
⇒ Resetting the Skel. & Anim. will stop the hair animation. The fix is to reattach the hair, or to use the chat command with attached gesture should you wish to use it in order to restart the animation.

Please see the notecard included in the pack.

Don’t miss out!

redMint’s Goody Bag available only @ Hair Fair 2017 (July 1st – 16th)